Types of Braces for Kids

Types of Braces For Kids

Over the last few decades, braces have evolved to be one of the best techniques used by orthodontists. They are by far much more comfortable and less noticeable than the traditional techniques. Apart from being comfortable, braces can treat wide range of dental conditions such as crooked teeth, gaped, and straightening teeth and many more other conditions. If you child has misaligned jaw or crooked teeth, use of the braces can be the best techniques to correct such imperfections. There are many types of braces used to treat kids teeth imperfections. The following are the common types of braces for kids.

Types of Braces for Kids

Types of Braces for Kids

Lingual braces- these braces are positioned behind the teeth but next to the tongue. They are also known as incognito braces. They are less visible and can be used to treat various teeth imperfections such as crooked and misaligned teeth. However, lingual braces may not treat severe dental conditions. In addition, they require regular cleaning.

Ceramic braces- ceramic braces are designed to resemble natural teeth. Thus, they are almost invisible and comfortable to wear. However, ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces. In addition, if they are not properly maintained, they can stain easily.

Invisalign- this one of the latest and most effective method to treat severe dental conditions. They are unique braces because they are designed to fits user’s dental condition. in addition, Invisalign are comfortable and invisible. The aligners can be replaced after two weeks. Moreover, invisalign wearers can eat whatever they want. However, Invisalign braces are expensive. Although they are used to treat various dental conditions, they are the most expensive type of braces.

Damon braces- Damon braces are used to treat various dental conditions such as teeth straightening. One of the advantages of Damon braces is that they do not require rubber bands. Instead of the elastics Damon brackets are self-litigating making the patient comfortable. In addition, Damon braces use lighter wires that are composed of nickel, copper and titanium alloy. Although not popular, they are a great option to treat teeth imperfections among kids.

What you should know

Although there various types of braces for kids, it is god to talk with an orthodontist about the condition of the teeth. Not all braces can treat any condition. Although some types of braces are expensive, they give faster results and are more comfortable. Thus, it is very important to hire a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist.

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