Adult Braces

Getting braces as an adult is extremely common these days. There is no reason you should not have straight teeth especially as you are in the prime years of your life. Confidence grows with straight teeth, so there are huge benefits for adults getting their teeth straightened with braces.

braces for adults

Braces for Adults

You are an adult and think of acquiring braces? Modern experts say it’s never too late. Today, braces are not only meant for teenagers. Moreover, according to a recent research by the American association of orthodontists, adults make up a big percentage of the people who dream to have a better smile. With the rise in dental technology, there are quite a number of several types of adult braces to choose from. Your choice depends on your preferences, budget and the nature of your dental formula.

Below are various types of braces for adults you can choose from:

Metal Braces

Metal braces are one of the cheapest types of braces for adults. Also, they are one of the earliest technology braces to be made. Adult metal braces are made of stainless steel. They are comprised of a thin steel wire that puts pressure on the teeth with the help of rubber bands. However, adult metal braces have some pros and cons. Some of the pros include:

  • They are cheap to buy and maintain
  • If well maintained, they are durable

Some of the cons include

  • If not set and put correctly, they can damage your teeth further.
  • They are very visible from far. Brace visibility can lower esteem in some people.
  • If used for the first time, they can cause an irritating effect on the gums and cheeks.

It is advisable to avoid chewing hard foods with metal braces. Metal braces are easily dislodged.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are slightly more expensive compared to metal braces. These types of adult braces are designed to blend with the teeth color. As a result, they are not very visible from far. For adult ceramic braces, white metal material or clear elastic ties can be used to keep the braces in the correct position and they are nearly clear so they are aesthetically pleasing.

Ceramic braces also have some pros and cons. Some of the pros are:

  • They blend better than metal braces with the teeth. This reduces how visible they are.
  • They have a better look and produce better results compared to metal braces.

Some of the cons are:

  • Ceramic braces are not durable and can easily chip
  • Can be stained easily by drinks like coffee
  • They need regular visits to the dentist for progress checkup.

If you are involved in manual labor, always cover your ceramic braces with a mouth guard. Ceramic braces are easily damaged.

Lingual braces

Lingual adult braces are customized to perfectly bond and hide behind your tooth. As a result, your teeth looks brace free from the outside. This maintains your natural look while still aligning your teeth. Lingual braces have their benefits and limitations too. Some of the pros are:

  • They maintain your natural look and are totally invisible from the outside
  • They are quite effective

The pros of lingual braces are:

  • They are quite expensive
  • They require a very highly skilled orthodontist
  • Lack of proper design can cause further misalignment.

It is also important to note that lingual braces may affect how you talk as the tongue space has been reduced. As a result, you will have to learn how to communicate with them. They also do not work well with small teeth.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces are totally invisible from either a far distance or a close distance. The most common invisible braces type is invisalign. Invisible braces are best for people with minor teeth problems. Unlike any other types of adult braces, Invisible braces have customized aligners which you should wear every time. However, these aligners should be removed when brushing or eating just like any other type of adult braces.

For best results, the aligners should be changed at least after every two weeks. This gradual change helps the teeth to align faster and better. However, despite the invisibility of these braces, discipline should be paramount. This is because for best results, the aligners should be worn at least 20 hours a day

Despite the huge advantage of invisibility and effectiveness, invisible braces have a number of cons. Some of the major cons are costly prices and regular checkups.

Finally, always consult your orthodontist before purchasing any type of adult braces. This is because checkups and the state of your dental formula are huge determiners. Also, metals can react with the gums for allergic people. To avoid any complications, always go for a health checkup first before trying out any type of braces

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