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an orthodontist checking braces in plano, texas

Plano Orthodontist

Why You Should Select Us for Orthodontic Treatment

Having misaligned or crooked teeth does not have to be a great concern as we offer the best orthodontic treatment that will help you straighten your teeth. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people straighten their teeth and nothing makes us prouder than seeing you with that perfect smile once you complete our orthodontic procedure. Even though there are numerous orthodontic clinics, none of them matches the level of professionalism and experience we offer.

an orthodontist checking braces in plano, texas

An Orthodontist Checking Braces

Once you contact us for an orthodontic procedure, we will book an appointment for you where you will have a meeting with our orthodontist who will examine your dental structure and determine the most suitable orthodontic procedure for you. Some common procedures used to straighten teeth include the use of braces and Invisalign. We will provide you with the benefits and shortcomings of each procedure.

Because the process of aligning your teeth is not a one day event, we will always check up on you during the entire period to ensure your alignment process is proceeding as expected. We will also share with you essential tips of how to look after your braces and aligners. As the best orthodontist clinic in Plano, Texas and surrounding areas, our orthodontist will strive to ensure you have

Improved Appearance

The most visible advantage of our orthodontic treatment is you will have an improved appearance as your teeth will be straightened and thus giving you the ability to have that perfect smile. This will not only improve your self esteem but will also make you confident.

Improved Oral Functionality

Our orthodontic procedure is aimed at improving the functionality of your teeth. Once you align your teeth, your jaw joints and muscles will be restored to their proper positions which will result in improved oral functionality while preventing problems such as jaw popping, pain while chewing, migraines and sleep disorders.


As a licensed and accredited clinic, we get most of our clients through referrals from previous customers as we offer top notch services. Our reputation speaks for itself and you will find numerous positive print and online reviews about our services. All our staff under go continuous training so as to continuously improve their skills to serve you better. We also have state of art dental equipment and employ use of latest dental technologies that enable us undertake any orthodontic procedure effectively and efficiently.


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