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Orthodontist SEO Company

SEO for Orthodontists

You may already know how important it is to rank on Google’s first page.

In fact, around 90% of organic traffic goes to the ten websites listed in the first page while the remaining 10% gets shared between the results in other pages – which usually includes more than hundreds of other websites. With the advent of smartphones, SEO has become one of the most important, if not the most important marketing tactic your business can invest in. Right now, 40% of all online local searches are done through smartphones and what’s even more impressive, 70% of all of these searches end up with the user taking action within 60 minutes of being made. This is a huge opportunity orthodontists have right now to gain a huge number of potential customers and thrive in this competitive market.

No SEO Company will Promise FAST results.  We actually ALREADY have your results!

How is this possible you ask?

Beverly Hills Gets 250+ per Month from A5 Orthodontist.

Beverly Hills Gets 250+ per Month from A5 Orthodontist.

We have literally thousands of cities and zips codes that rank for all sorts of orthodontic search terms.

-Try searching “orthodontist 90211” and you will see.

-Or Search “Best Orthodontist 85226”, or even put in your zip code!

-We currently rank on page 1 for many cities and zips codes with these search terms:

  • Local Orthodontist (city or zip code)
  • Best Orthodontist (city or zip code)
  • Orthodontist Near Me (city or zip code)
  • Invisalign (city or zip code)
  • Lingual Braces (city or zip code)
  • Ceramic Braces (city or zip code)
  • Damon System (city or zip code)
  • Braces (city or zip code)
  • Orthodontist (city or zip code)
  • and much more!

Why Use Us?

We are better than any other SEO company out there and we aren’t afraid to admit it. We stand behind our services and we have recently launched a product that will give you a spot in the first page on Google for both zip code and city for not just only one, or two, or three, but multiple orthodontic search terms. This way, every time a person from your city Google’s any term related with orthodontics and includes either the city name or the zip code, your website will pop right in front of their eyes in the first results page. And as we said before, the first page results get almost all of the organic traffic! Not only that but we are extremely fast at what we do. Our many years of experience have allowed us to achieve maximum results in no time. We can virtually place an orthodontic office on Google’s first page the day after they open their business.

We have helped orthodontists in many cities in the U.S. Orthodontists in New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, etc. We have achieved page one rankings for more than one business in both New York and Los Angeles where the competition is brutal! We have also achieved second-result ranking on the first page for other businesses where competition is quite fierce such as Flagstaff, Arizona.

Why are We Different Than Others?

We know the game and we know how to use it for your benefit. So, how are we ranking so many websites on the top page where many other businesses fail to be even after months of SEO efforts? Our A5 Local website which has a high Page Rank and is deemed reputable by Google will be the one listed in Google’s page one for the listed keywords, and city or ZIP code. Google values reputable websites such as ours and is happy to place them on top spots. Then, when the user clicks on our link, it will get REDIRECTED to your business website where the client can get all of your contact info and book an appointment with you.

We have specialized in ranking orthodontics in the U.S. in Google’s first page. We only help professionals in the field of orthodontics as this is our focus and our final goal.

More Information

If you want to gain market share and increase brand awareness among potential customers, please contact us and we will give you a completely free price assessment. We at A5 Local orthodontists are deeply committed to putting your business first.


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