Damon System Braces – How They Work

Damon system braces is an orthodontic system that helps to pull or push teeth to straighten them. They are fixed orthodontic passive self-ligating braces that use the principle of low friction mechanics to get the end result. Created by Dr. Dwight Damon, the unique aspect about Damon braces is a slide mechanism that keeps the binding and friction to a minimum unlike as in traditional braces. The resultant stress on the teeth is less and the braces move the teeth into their desired position along a prescribed path.

Damon System Braces – Technology

When passive, self-ligating braces are used for moving teeth into their desired positions, the treatment initially starts by bonding brackets to the teeth. The bracket is only a handle that helps in attaching the arch wire. Damon braces eliminate the requirement for using steel or elastic ligatures as in traditional dental braces. In Damon braces, brackets are replaced by a garage door assembly in which the wire slides freely, minimizing friction to a large extent and maximizing the mobility of the teeth. The small and sliding doors and addition of stops help to hold the wire in place without displacement from its specified position.

It is the arch wire that actually helps to move the teeth to their new positions. The arch wire is bent according to a pre-decided form and is designed to shift the teeth. It is this wire that places pressure on both the bracket and the teeth to help them move to the desired positions. The minimal forces exerted by the Damon braces in conjunction with the muscles of the face, bone and tissue help to move the teeth. Additionally, the low forces help to minimize the discomfort experienced when using the braces.

Damon System Braces – Material

A very thin shape memory’ wire (of 0.014 inch size) is placed as the arch. As the teeth level and the arches round out into shape, thicker wires are used for the arch. The wires are made of an alloy consisting of titanium, copper and nickel. The next thicker wire is used at a time when it can be passively placed in the brackets. The heavier wires are made of stainless steel. About two-thirds of the bracket is made from tough ceramic material that does not stain or wear off easily.

Damon System Braces – Who can Use It

The Damon braces can be used to treat complex cases of under bites, overbites and cross-bites in younger individuals as well as adults. However, a number of factors such as the face and profile of the patient are taken into consideration before designing a Damon braces system for the individual. Patients begin to see visible improvements in about 10 weeks’ time. The braces system is designed to deliver results that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of Using Damon System Braces

The benefits enjoyed by those who opt for Damon braces are many. Some of these benefits are listed below:

• Teeth shifting is totally predictable
• The shift is long-term, i.e., it lasts for a lifetime
• There are no elastic or steel ligatures that make smiles ungainly
• The forces are low, and therefore the discomfort and pain are minimal
• The number of visits to orthodontist is fewer; the patient may need to take an appointment as far as 12 weeks apart only. The patient visits the dentist about 8 to 10 times less than when wearing traditional braces. This is because the arch wire need not be adjusted as frequently. It is more self-adjusting
• The time spent by the patient on the dentist’s chair is less
• There is less root resorption
• Patients with periodontal problems can also use Damon braces as pressure on the gums and periodontal ligaments is near zero
• The average treatment time for those patients who opt to wear Damon Braces is much less than for those who wear traditional braces (the treatment finishes about six months earlier when Damon braces are used)
• The absence of elastic and metal ligatures reduces the collection of plaque and therefore the teeth are easier to clean
• Those patients who are image conscious can opt to use clear brackets
• Those who use Damon braces for a period of time experience better facial balance

The benefits of fewer visits to the dentist, faster treatment time, natural smile, less discomfort and pain, and better oral hygiene outweigh the higher cost of Damon braces than the traditional ones.


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